Women at Bellrock

Here at Bellrock, we know it’s our people that drive our success, so we’re all about helping them shine. And creating a workplace where everyone has the opportunity to be the future – for our business, and their career.


That’s why we’re shining a light on some of the incredible women working across Bellrock, their stories, career journeys, and their experiences as women in the workplace. 



Head of Group Safety & Sustainability

“As a company, Bellrock has made important strides from introducing paid maternity leave and shared parental leave to the option to purchase additional holiday. Since both of my children are almost school age, this is great for me!”

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Finance Graduate

“I don’t feel like a number on a spreadsheet. Within a few days of joining, I was invited to a conference of managers and senior leaders where I got to meet the CEO and other senior people at some of our client companies. ”

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Account Director

“That focus on inclusivity and flexibility is just amazing. It reflects the way Bellrock goes the extra mile to make sure equal opportunities are available to different individuals.”

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Head of Service Delivery (London)

“I built up a great relationship with the people there and developed a lovely team with a real sense of community and passion for social value. After I returned from maternity leave, my manager here at Bellrock promoted me to Head of Service, which means I’m proud to say L&G is still my client to this day.”

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Account Director

“Almost two years in, I’m so glad I made the right choice! I love interacting with clients and making people happy – and that’s property consultancy at its heart.”

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Procurement Director

“I have benefitted from a hugely supportive group of people around me who have given me their time and cultivate my interest and passion for the profession. ”

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Account Manager

“You’ve got to be persistent and go in with a can-do attitude, have a plan B if necessary, and prove yourself with actions. If you work hard and deliver, you should be able to rise to the top and be recognised.”

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Learning & Development Manager

“Some of the amazing women and leaders we have in the company are not just brilliant at what they do, but also just as people. In many ways that’s a testament to the culture of the company. They don’t try to put people in boxes. They consider how good you are, not what you are.”

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Account Manager

“From my experience, I think the opportunities available in FM are both relatively equal and amazing for both men and women. From purchasers, schedulers, and CSAs up to team leaders, managers, senior managers, and directors, I’ve typically found very mixed groups working well together.”

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Account Director

“I think the important thing is to have greater openness, transparency, and understanding of the fact that everyone has their own stuff going on. I’m pleased that Bellrock has been taking steps in this direction, recently launching a new menopause policy.”

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Graduate Project Manager

“I see first-hand what it takes to progress into more advanced roles, and I am excited to get there and succeed. Although I don’t have any specific targets set in stone, what I can say is that Bellrock is a great company for professional and personal growth. ”

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Contract Coordinator

“Bellrock has been brilliant with me and my boy. I am given the flexibility to adjust hours and working locations to help me be there for him whenever he needs me.”

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