The Martech team are the glue holding buildings and structures together across the UK – so you can be the solution that protects the people using those buildings.


What we do

From recent builds to listed heritage structures, our trained engineers here at Martech have a wealth of experience in investigating buildings and structures to get to the root of any problems and defects. Though we specialise in concrete, our construction material knowledge spans brickwork, timber, streel, fenestration, roofing, and cladding. We individually prepare each relevant testing regime to determine the cause and extent of problems, and submit factual or interpretative reports for every project.


Why Martech

Regular inspections are essential to good asset management, and a building that’s safe – for both the people inside and those around it. So when you join Martech, you’ll be the solution that protects the public from possible falling debris off buildings and structures. You’ll carry out safety works involving the removal or restraint of loose and unsafe building fabric. Your inspections will bring to light any problems a structure might have, and the advice you share for repairs will protect the people using it.


What impact will you make?

From building inspections to advice on solutions, repair methods, and supervising repair contracts, our teams understand and maintain buildings for local authorities, private clients, as well as corporate and individual across sectors. So when you join this team, you’ll be part of a team that’s the glue holding buildings and structures together across the UK.

External roof cladding with access ladders

Supporting your career

At Martech, you’ll be the solution that protects hundreds, even thousands of people. And that’s why you’ll find a diverse working environment that truly values you for the work you do., and offers on-going training to help you further your skills, your career – and shine.

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