Head of National Engineering


On a day to day basis I work with everything from hospitality, pubs, restaurants things like that.  To commercial buildings, office blocks, and we look after a couple of hospitals.

My role is varied because I oversee 300 engineers, and we have about 15 line managers that look after the engineers. I like to get out on site talk to the engineers, we have a duty of care so we do a lot of auditing making sure the engineers have got everything they need, set them up so they can actually carry out the work.

I genuinely enjoy my job, I like the people that I work with and I’m passionate about what I do.

At Bellrock we’re happy to train people up in different trades. It helps us as a business and the engineer themselves, as a supervisor we work with them to get them up to management level. We do apprenticeships level 3, 4 to get them up to management level. And managers can do level 4, 5 apprenticeships. There’s lots of opportunities, if somebody comes to me with an idea of what they want to do we will consider everything that works for the business and works for the people. And we’re happy to give them a go.

The future at Bellrock is rosy, under the new owners we are looking for acquisitions for new businesses, we are looking to grow. Organic growth internally, we are looking for bigger national customers, nicer work.

Come to Bellrock, we’re very people orientated. We like to look after our people, we work as flexible as we can as we are engineers and engineering staff and we like to work as one team. We all like to be together, keeping people involved, informed and up to date with what’s happening in the business. And we like everybody to have their say.