I’ve been at Bellrock for a bit over 5 years. What I like about my job is that it’s very versatile we have varied start times, and we cover a variety of different clients so every day there’s a different challenge. We might visit restaurants, pub chains, gyms, commercial retailer might be fixing or installing, whatever the customer needs.

I have progressed in my role and improved within myself. Speaking to my area manager and he can point me in the right direction or enquire for me on how I can progress into different roles. The future looks great, I’ve already booked in for my testing exam. Whenever it becomes available I always put my hand up for training to better myself.

The culture at Bellrock is amazing you can come into work get along with everybody. There is always somebody pleasant on the other end of the phone to help out. You should join Bellrock because it’s a great bunch of people there’s nobody I could dislike in the company, and also every day is a new challenge with a different workload.