Workplace & compliance

When it comes to creating environments where people can relax, excel and achieve, our Workplace & Compliance teams are the power that delivers.


Thanks to the independence and expertise of our Supply Chain, in Workplace and Compliance we can focus on creating the perfect solutions for our clients. So our team dedicate their time to delivering buildings where businesses can thrive, because we understand that a safe and comfortable environment is one where clients and visitors can relax, excel, and achieve.

They split into two services, Hard FM and Soft FM. And here’s what you’ll get up to with them.

Both our Hard and Soft FM services are offered directly through our teams or carefully selected supply chain partners. But Hard FM cover a range of installations and services. That means you could get up to everything from plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, to electrical, water management, fire, security systems and energy management. So there’s a great variety of jobs to keep your skills sharp.

In Soft FM the focus is on providing safe and healthy environments for our clients - because effective Soft FM is essential for an efficient, flourishing business. These services range from cleaning, catering and waste, as well as washroom and hygiene, ground maintenance and pest control. We also offer security, reception and porterage, and reprographics.

You can be the solution and help create businesses that thrive.



Our Helpdesk is the vivid, stimulating epicentre of our maintenance and customer-reported requests. A 24/7 365 live wire where our cutting-edge technology means we handle 400,000 calls and up to 1.3m emails and requests every year, through our online self-service portal and mobile apps. That means we not only achieve our SLAs and KPIs, we exceed them.

Based in our Head Office in Leicester, our Helpdesk team mix up a combination of media and procedures to tailor the way we communicate to our customers’ - and their businesses’ - specific needs. So we always provide a service with a people-led experience, maximised by our technology.

If you join our Helpdesk, you’ll be part of that animated buzz that thrums through our team. And be the energy that drives it.

A smiling woman holding a clipboard in front of a bank of electrical switches


We know more and more business leaders are making health and safety best practice a crucial focus. That means more than just meeting regulations. That means an environment that’s run smoothly, efficiently, and is always up to date. That’s what our Compliance team provide.

They put their font of technical knowledge to use testing and maintaining equipment. With an ability to schedule compliance activities alongside general planned preventative maintenance, they create a central database that demonstrates compliance for our clients. To reduce cost, risk, and drive efficiency.

So, on our Compliance team, you’ve got to see beyond regulatory requirements. That way, you’ll aways create optimised, efficient solutions that make health and safety best practice, truly the best.


Supply Chain

In Supply Chain Management, you’ll be part of the heart of every facility and workplace delivery solution, and that really means delivering.

Our highly qualified team manage everything within the supplier selection process. From independently assessing competence, geographical reach, and price, to drawing up robust contracts and managing how our suppliers’ performance is doing. All of this is key to our supply chain delivery and its integrity, and our expertise is how attain significant cost savings whilst ensuring competent, safe, and compliant service providers.

That means anyone joining our Supply Chain team will hit the ground running and keep running. Where you can be the drive that keeps that heart beating.

You'll work across

If you join one of our teams, you could be work in a wide variety of places. That could be Central & Local Governments, Healthcare & Health Centres or Service Charge Property environments. As well as Tech and Business parks, Education, and Higher Education. You could even find yourself in Legal & General, which is up for awards.

  • Could you fit in?

From the Helpdesk, emergency cleaning and cooking, to managing operations, everyone here is part of customer delivery for our clients. You’ve got to have top customer service skills, and technical competency for our specialised roles, but it takes more than that, if you bring a handful of ambition and enthusiasm that boosts your teammates and gives our customers the best experience, as well as the best service, you’ll play a huge part in sharing our light with everyone you talk to.

  • How will you grow?

In the past, career progression in these roles has been on the lower side, but we’re committed to helping our people shine. That’s why we’re focused on their growth. Now, we’ve got a clear development route in place that could see you move through the business, onwards and upwards faster than you might expect, and we give you all the training you’ll need.

  • What do you need to know?

Every day in Workplace and Compliance is dynamic, because we’re part of a growing sector. So you’ll have to be ready to take changes in your stride and keep up with a modern and hybrid working world. If you are, there’ll always be opportunities for you to succeed.

We’ve got lots of ambition here. And if you match that spirit, your own growth can be the result.

  • What’s the culture like?

We’re a client-focused [division], so there’s a real social spirit. You’re always able to make a difference in the wider social environment, whether you have a big personality or not. It doesn’t always take a social person to make a big social impact, and we understand that. All you need is a can-do attitude and you can make your mark. Be the impact.

The most essential skill to my role is decision making, it’s difficult because we deal with routine, urgent, priority, emergency and it’s understanding what takes precedence over something else. As you can imagine in critical care it’s really important that we make that decision and that it’s the right decision at the end of the day.
Rebecca Compliance Administrator