Technical & Real Estate

The teams in Technical and Real Estate take care of all the stuff that keeps our buildings safe.

That means energy, property and engineering services - surveying and compliance, as well as fire risk and health and safety. And they do it with the best tech has to offer. They’re a really agile team that provides support across the business, all from their own homes.


Could you fit in?

If you’re looking for a role as a professional surveyor or consultant, a fire professional or risk assessor, or perhaps a graduate role in M&E surveyors, Technical & Real Estate at Bellrock is the place to be. You’ll get a chance to work with some pretty big clients, such as Sky TV and NHS England, where you’ll really be able to be the solution that ensures safety. For us, and our clients. And in return, you’ll get fantastic job security, cutting-edge tech to help you shine, and an agile team to boost your skills.

External roof cladding with access ladders

How will you grow?

We’re all for recognising our people - first and foremost. So we’re investing in them, and their welfare. And that means always endorsing opportunities for you to grow, in your role and [even across the business]. Whatever it is you need to shine, we want to provide.


What's the culture like?

When you’re looking after the safety of a building, there’s a lot to consider. So you’ll need to be ready to keep up to date with current legislation and best practice requirements, across all the sectors we work with. We’re also client-focussed, and that means sometimes brushing up your people skills so that our clients have confidence in what we deliver. And that we do it in a timely and professional manner.

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