Over in IT, there are several areas our teams stay busy in.


Infrastructure Team

From information security, networks, servers, desktop and phones, the Infrastructure Team cover all things tech. And in a world of growing technology, there’s a lot of them to take care of to keep us connected, and safe. That’s maintaining all of our infrastructure networks, clouds, firewalls and other cyber essentials, including GDPR, for our internal offices and those of our customers. We’ve got a corporate network connected to 50+ sites across the UK, with both physical and virtual environments, so our small team of technical experts always have something on their radar.


Service Delivery

Our Service Delivery team is made of up talented engineers and technicians with lots of skills to bring to the table, so they can always focus on fixing things first time.  Based in Leicester as well as other UK locations, they’ll get to work from the office, home, and our Central Helpdesk on various advanced functionality, platforms and systems - unlocking new user accounts, passwords, and new requests, as well as extending their brilliant technical knowledge on lots of different projects. Without a focus on just one platform, they get to work on best in breed technologies, business-as-usual activity and different systems at enterprise level, to ISO2701 Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus Security.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             



Concerto is our engine. It’s the platform we’ve developed that keeps our work churning on across the business, powering us up and on. And we don’t just use it inside our business, as the Bellrock operating system, it’s also a system we sell to our customers to manage their own estates. Our teams in Concerto work flexibly, but also base themselves in Warrington and Leicester, where they’re always finding ways to champion all of their people’s strengths. They put their skills to work solving a wide variety of problems, using a variety of tech to match. So they always have the right tools to solve the problem, and the freedom to use them - mixing up just the right combination of technical excellence and problem solving mindset to always be the solution.

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I’d encourage anyone to join Bellrock, it’s an excellent company I have brought a couple of my own people from my previous employer over and they love it too.
Andy Mechanical Supervisor