Support functions

Our Support Functions shine in a huge variety of projects, so there’s always opportunities to be the growth with them.



Our people in Procurement and Supply Chain take on a diverse range of projects. From sourcing, approval, and market testing, they engage directly with suppliers, clients, to microSMEs to make sure everyone’s happy and getting what they need. But they also get involved with data analysis and training, where there’s always opportunities to grow.

Which means projects like partnering with People Development to see how we’re doing with our skills gap, induction, and onboarding - helping our colleagues get the most out of their role, and their own development too. With ample training opportunities and skills development, you can help others, as well as yourself, reach further. And that might just take you into other parts of the business.

So, in Procurement and Supply Chain, what you do has an impact on how we do it, across the business. Whether you’re a Procurement and Supply Chain Co-ordinator, an Advisor, Manager, or Strategic Procurement Supply Lead.

You can really shine. And help others to shine while you do it.


Human Resources

Made up of the usual subjects you’ll expect from HR, including payroll, recruitment, learning and development, and reward, recognition and remuneration, our team in Human Resources are the solid thread running through all the parts of our business, and the connection that keeps us thriving. They partner the business and link up with other support colleagues to make sure everything’s working smoothly and the support network is up to scratch. So that everyone has what they need to shine.


Could you fit in?

When it comes to a role in Procurement and Supply Chain, there’s no mould. So you’ll be confident trusting your skills, your instincts, and your knowledge. And be ready to grasp opportunities as they arise. Because if you do, you have the chance to shape your role around you. So you can really own it.


How will you grow?

There are vast and varied training opportunities ready for our people to take - from e-learning courses to skills-based training. And we consider lots of different development opportunities for the team, such as apprenticeships through the Knowledge College. And when you’re at the top of your role, there’s routes to other areas of the business that you can follow.

What do you need to know?

Life in Procurement and Supply Chain is dynamic. With an employee first, people centric attitude that means you can make what you want of the role.

We’ve got an ambitious growth target. So if you join the team, you’ll need to understand the impact the procurement process has on our business and what we need, that way you’ll be able to make those business-changing decisions. Winning work from bigger competitors and building up traction.

You can be the catalyst of change and shape what that future looks like. In your own career, and in our company.


What’s the culture like?

We’ve got a high performing and ambitious culture, where there’s always an opportunity waiting to be snatched up. And your praises will never go unsung - because we know how important shouting about our successes is. As an individual and as a team.

And that team will be your support - through success and struggles. It’s collaborative and open, with a mix of diverse perspectives and experiences, as well as an evening gender split. So you’ve got a team to rely on, to help you shine.

If you put in the effort here you’ll get a lot out of it, staff are rewarded well and if you’re hard working and a good team player you’ll go far with Bellrock.
Tim Contracts Manager

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