Contact centre.

Our contact centre is the hub for all client communications and contact. 


The centre of all client communications and contact. Whether it’s through a phone call or our Fix My online system, our Service Centre teams work hard across the UK, from the office and home, to support our clients and give them our people-led experience. We’ve got a wide range of clients, from hospitality, education, healthcare and retail, so there’s always variety, especially with the kind of problems you’ll be challenged with, and always a solution to be found to get things back up and running. It takes being customer centric, empathetic and resilient to make our service the best customer experience, one that’s tailored to each clients specific needs. Because that’s what it means to be people-led. 

Bellrock are very willing to put everything into you as long as you give everything back as well, it’s like a partnership. They’re very willing to push you on, and if you want to be pushed then they are there for you.
Rebecca Compliance Administrator