Be the difference.


Being diverse

We’re all different. And we all deserve to be treated equally well. That’s what we believe, and that belief drives how we do things, our ‘engine’ of success. We understand just how important inclusion, and feeling like you belong in your organisation, is. And it’s what makes us such a great, attractive place to work for diverse applicants. And for those who already work here.

That’s why elevating our internal culture of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DE&I) is so vital to us. And building on our Equality and Diversity Policy.

Right now, we share monthly internal marketing and communication information through Bellrock Buzz and Workplace by Meta. We also recently took part in some online diversity webinars, to help make our inclusivity better, and help it shine. As well as working with De Montfort University in Leicester. Our collaboration covered reviewing how we use language, devising a candidate attraction strategy and creating an impactful candidate experience - all of which we plan to roll out very soon!


Being equal

Having a greater gender balance across our organisation has such value. We understand that. So we’re changing up our language in our internal communication to be more welcoming to female employees, including boosting imagery of women driving vans or working in IT. 


Being inclusive

All the materials we provide are always available in alternative formats, such as braille or large print, to best support those with disabilities - visible and hidden. And we’re always looking for more ways to make our office spaces work better for everyone. That means always searching for more ways to improve, and setting goals like the ones below:

Our Goals


Appoint an DE&I Champion

Capture DE&I information on employees and new joiners


Create an impact assessment of employment policies and processes

Target recruitment to enhance diversity

If you’re given an opportunity to take a job with Bellrock I would take it. I haven’t looked back in the past 5 months.
Adam Caretaker Site Supervisor