About Bellrock.

At Bellrock, we’ve always been about new perspectives - that’s why, at our workplaces, we’re shining a light on them, so you can be the change.


What do we do?

At Bellrock, we’ve got a philosophy to always have the right delivery model - whether that means using a supply chain or our in-house teams. It’s about harnessing what the growing digital world has to offer. So we can reduce cost and risk, whilst boosting the customer experience.

One of the ways we put this into action is with a model that helps our clients get to grips with the maturity of their Facilities Management and property processes and data gathering. We call it our IDEA model - that’s Integrated Digital Estates Assets.

And we use it so we’re always implementing the most effective delivery model for them.

We’ve captured a unique combination of subject matter expertise, supply chain management and world class technology. And that means we partner up with ambitious organisations - focused on competitive advantage and reducing costs and risk, to realise the value of the estate they’ve got.


Delivering it

It starts off with creating a rich map of our clients’ estate.

We collect data about their assets, suppliers and how their buildings are used. And with that data, we paint a picture of how the estate can be developed around their organisation’s unique needs, the assets maintained and how their wider ambitions can be supported.

Our experience and world-class leading technology suite, Concerto, means we can manage the interactions between the properties, assets, and suppliers with internal stakeholders. A roadmap to unlocking reduced cost, ensuring statutory compliance, and a workplace environment that boosts productivity and the customer experience.


The Bellrock Story

The original Bellrock was the first of its kind - an off-shore lighthouse. But its design was initially shelved, considered too radical.

Like our namesake, we’ve got a fresh perspective.

Those bold engineers defied opinion and built that lighthouse. The very first at sea. A beacon that made treacherous waters safe. Over 200 years later, the Bellrock Lighthouse is still an inspiration.

A calling to those who challenge. Who rethink, reimagine, and strive to remake. To shine in a new, better way.

Over 200 years later and we became Bellrock Property & Facilities Management. And we continue to see through a new perspective. To challenge the industry, the status quo.

To be the light, and the change.

With the help of technology, we’ve provided customers with a rich data landscape and to realise the true value of their estate. And in 2016 we found something that would transform what we can offer our clients. To be more efficient, be more productive.

It was called Concerto. Our new and powerful software engine.

From 2017, we continued to welcome more companies across the UK into the fold. Broadening our portfolio. Letting us offer more, deliver more, in the property and technical sectors.

Frameworks & Accreditations

We’re proud to hold lots of different accreditations that just go to show the brilliant work our people do, and the thorough, detailed and safe services we carry out. Here’s some of the accreditations we hold: